The Eagle – new music for your ears

The EagleLook, it’s a new recording! You can download, buy or just plain ol’ listen to The Eagle over here on Bandcamp. Don’t be turned off by the Buy button – it’s pay what you want and you can totally pay nothing if that’s what you want (though a little something is always appreciated of course).

The Eagle is the second song I wrote during my singer-songwriter course last year, and the first that doesn’t just use basic strumming but some (still very basic) finger picking.

The lyrics are inspired by Eleanor of Aquitaine, who was associated with a prophecy about an eagle. I tried to make the text fairly ambiguous though, so that it can apply to more than just Eleanor’s very unique situation in life. That said, this song probably won’t be my last about her – she’s just such a badass lady and lived such a long and eventful life, she continues to inspire me.

3 thoughts on “The Eagle – new music for your ears

  1. Hooi….. nice song; strange to hear you twice at the same time… 1 question.. Is it possible to marry one successive king ??? :-)

    No, but it IS possible to marry two at the same time, at least in theory. So some clarification was in order. 😉

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