Quiet, but not unproductive

In my home studio with my new semi-electric ukulele.
In my home studio with my new semi-electric ukulele.

I know this blog has been quiet for the past few months. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean nothing has been happening! Although I didn’t get a certain job I wanted, I’ve still been working six days a week, so it was very busy. Too busy to busk, even!

But for the past three weeks, I’ve been on vacation from work, so I finally found time to work on some music again. I finished writing two new songs, practiced fingerpicking patterns and did some recording. Nothing final yet, but I hope to be able to let you guys hear something new soon.

I also bought a new ukulele! It’s a semi-electric Lanikai LU21CE BK. Unlike with my first uke, I can plug it into the computer and record directly, rather than messing about with a mic.

So just know – it may have been quiet, but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening here in Lydialand!

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